“The Bird in the Bottle”
One day the master told his students a story.. “Walking along the road one morning, a man found  a single bird egg. Seeing it was lost from its nest, he took it home and he placed it into a large glass jar for keeping. The egg soon hatched, leaving the bird inside the jar. So the man fed it and gave it water,  and the beautiful bird began to grow. Now soon the bird became too large to be freed safely, for glass jar that was its home was very thick. - and surely the bird would be hurt or even die if it were broken it to free her. And now every time the man looked at the bird, he was heartbroken that it could not be freed.   
        The master then asked his students what could be done. Many students offered ideas, but no one knew how to free the bird without hurting or perhaps killing it. At last, a young student raised her hand, and she smiled as she said: "There. It is out.”  
    For some time the master was silent .. then he nodded, for the lesson was indeed over. :) 

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